DOPI make no apologies. David is a hunk. A man's man, and a ladies' man. And he's big, around 6 foot 2, muscled but not Mr. Universe bulky, with eyes a rich, medium blue (known as “cerulean blue” on my color chart) that can freeze lighter at the slightest hint of annoyance, or warm to a deeper shade when he’s experiencing those more pleasurable emotions *grin*. His hair is dark brown, and he keeps it styled in a standard men’s cut. He’s of Welsh heritage so there’s a bit of a wave to it, especially when he skips the barber a few weeks so it curls just over the edge of his button-down Oxford.

If David sounds like a fed, he is—FBI agent to be exact, assigned to a special hand-picked unit under John Larkin, Assistant Director in Charge of the Bureau’s Criminal Investigative Division. He didn’t get there by being just a pretty face either. He’s got an inherent sense of right versus wrong that few people can jar. He’s smart, decisive and a born cynic—quick to think and act, and rarely found to be wrong. So I suppose you can add arrogant and prideful to that list of traits—defenses that help him hide his soul-deep loneliness.

David can be found in SURRENDER TO SANCTUARY, as well as the planned sequels ESCAPE FROM SANCTUARY and LEGEND OF SANCTUARY.

My favorite David quote (so far):

Actor I’d pick to play David in the movie: Alex O’Laughlin (with the American accent).